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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2010, 6:17 PM

Is the best movie I've ever seen in my life... going to see it for the 5th time this Wednesday.


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Winner of year subscription

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 15, 2010, 11:21 PM

Sorry for the very overdue update journal on the contest, I have been Internet deprived of lately. I'm too late to take advantage of the Christmas subscription offer dA was offering but I'll still be giving out the subscription.

The number was 108, which SammyGoddess was closest to so she'll be getting the year subscription. Thanks all for playing.

Also I must thank Lycan-fennex who gave me a three month subscription for Christmas :heart: go give him a hug for me, or take a glance at his wonderful art such as some of the ones I've featured below. :)

Lastly, if anyone is willing to help me out with some journal CSS I'd be very grateful.


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Choose a number, win free year subscription

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2009, 12:47 AM

What with the give a premium membership, get one free thing I think now would be a good time to give a yearly subscription out. I usually do this 1-2 times a year, and I've given out several smaller subs this year, but I believe the last time I did a free year sub was 2008 so it's due.

I've written down a number between 1-300. Choose a number between or including 1-300 (i.e. 1, 34 and 300 all viable). Whoever is closest gets a year subscription.

• post your guess in a reply to this journal.
• December 22nd, 12:00AM is the 'deadline', after that any guesses won't count. Subscription will be given before 25th of December. I'll make a new journal announcing the number and who won and whatnot shortly after.
• if someone guesses the exact number then it will end then and there, even if before December 22nd.
• only one guess per a person; don't use multiple accounts. If you advertise this journal in your journal you may, however, reply with a second guess. The second reply must have a link to your journal that advertised me as proof. You can only do this once.
• it doesn't matter if you go 'over' the number; if the number is "100" and you guess "101" in example you won't be disqualified.
• you can still guess even if you already have a subscription.
• if someone guesses the same number as you, you will not both get a subscription if it was a winning guess. Whoever posted first would be the winner. Use the search function before choosing your number to make sure someone else hasn't already said it.
• if someone guesses a number that is different, but equal amounts away from the winning number (i.e. number is "100", there are guesses of "95" and "105") then whoever posted first would be the winner.
• guesses that are 0 and below, or 301 and above won't count.
• lastly, post your guess in this example format:
34 (yes)
34 [link] (yes, for those with a second guess)
thirty four (no)
034 (no)
#34 (no)
lol blah blah blah chitter chatter oh 34 btw (no)

This is to make the search function easier for others, as I'm not sure how popular this journal may become. Keep it simple please.

Okay, guess away now. Enjoy.


None today, no time.

Entry addressed to Vanessa and Andrea

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 19, 2009, 12:19 AM

Vanessa, V

After you no longer get my phone calls, I imagine you will check my deviantART page... eventually, though this could be months, years or decades in the waiting. Since I have no other way to make contact with you, I only hope for whatever reason you will be led back to this page and consequently the last thing I write or say to you.

I apologize if my writing is evasive in its language but seeing as this journal entry is in the public eye I'll let you use your common sense and fill in between the lines. Onto what I have to say...

I'm sorry that I ever spoke to you about my leaving, I never intended to hurt you but I wanted to give you the chance to say goodbye... or perhaps it was more myself who wanted to say goodbye. Well, either way, I shouldn't have told you the truth. I should have stuck to my unexplainable and yet apparently believable story and you would have been none the wiser but all the happier - ah, what is the saying, ignorance is bliss? So, I'm sorry it had to end this way.

You had no influence in the end, let that be known... though I don't know if that will make you feel worse or not, I've lost any care for your thought and feelings what with you hurting me more than I can ever do to you. To be honest, you only sped up the process as today or tomorrow will be the day I leave if all goes well. I wasn't going to do it the day I called you, and I made that clear. I understand that you had to call them but you did not even manage to delay as I wasn't planning to move until you got back on the 17th or later, and seeing as I got out only on the 10th it had no effect... to be brutally honest, maybe you did have an influence but not the one you intended. I won't ever be sure... but I was feeling better maybe even hopeful when I got out, and then I checked my voicemail and your message certainly threw me back down into a pit and chained with despair.

I reiterate though: I won't ever be sure it was that that forced me off the edge. Perhaps you just shook me free of delusion, not of hope, seeing as the end was inevitable as your support was limited and the loss of it should hardly have any effect. It was really just a difference of "little" and "nothing", and little is not enough to live on for long. So maybe I should be thanking you, not condemning you (which I will be in a moment), but as I near my move I realize the hope - or delusions - were a comfort and it would have been nice to leave thinking that you were there for me even if it never made a difference.

I'm straying too far from what I want to say in attempt to explain everything... I'm going to stop that now and just get to what I want to say to you.

Your betrayal was the worst I ever had to endure (and no, I'm not referring to when you called them). It was the most hard-hitting and certainly the most unexpected. The other betrayals (not from you, others) were expected or at least seen as plausible... theirs were like a shakily agreed upon peace treaty or armistice that went awry and yours was like a long-standing, unbreakable alliance... brotherhood... slitting the other's throat. True, I knew you for a short time but you were the only - and I am not exaggerating here, you were literally the only - person who I trusted and who I thought truely cared about me and accepted everything I was. You could understand me more than anyone, hell you can tell my mood over the phone just by my tone and even what I was doing in some cases by the way I talked. I'm suprised you didn't know earlier what I was up to since you are so intuitive to me.

I thought you were my twinflame (in a non-romantic sense) and then you go and... and you did worse than just say "I don't want to talk to you anymore" but you get someone else to do it for you, and on top of that you act as though it was harassment and threaten action if I ever contact you again ...

If you happen to be reading this years later perhaps you've forgotten what you did. And for your sake I hope you do forget, what an awful thing you did... you told me to call you when you got back, but no, that was a blatant lie. You never intended to have me talk to you again. And with that I only was left one support.


I'm sorry for putting you through all this... but you're gone in December. After that I would be completely alone. I couldn't bare going through a final loss with someone I cared about so much... so I was prepared early. If you happen to find out what you could have done to prevent this and when I asked you had said, "No"... don't feel guilty about it. My request was a hard one to comply with, if not impossible. Perhaps if I had let you know the importance of the question and the holding it had your answer would have been different. Even so...

So, again, sorry, and I care very much for you.


None today, no time.